Explaining the Leadership Roles in a Scout Troop

Leadership development is one of Scoutings eight methods contributing to both good character and good citizenship.

Scouting encourages Scouts to learn and practice leadership skills. Every Scout has the opportunity to participate in both shared and total leadership situations. Understanding the concepts of leadership and becoming a servant leader helps a Scout accept the leadership role of others and guides them towards participating citizenship and character development.

It takes different leadership positions to run a good Boy Scout Troop. Each leadership position is filled by a Scout in the Troop. Once a Scout gets to First Class rank, the Scout needs to choose a position of leadership. The number of positions filled can vary by Troop. A summary and video on each position can be found by clicking on the position below.

Troop Guide



Den Chief

Chaplain Aide






Outdoor Ethics Guide

Order of the Arrow Rep

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster

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