Troop 719 Advancement

Eagle Scout Andrew Dybala

Eagle Project Improves Backyard for Retired Priest

There was a retired priest from St. Patrick Catholic Church in Dallas, Texas, who loved to spend time on his backyard porch. Each morning, he would enjoy the birds who would visit his bird feeder. What he didn’t enjoy was the dilapidated shed where he stored his bird seed and other backyard items. The shed … Read More

Anthony Lucido Eagle Project

Eagle Project Improves St Patrick Church Parking Lot

Anthony Lucido, a member of Troop 719, refurbished 13 tree wells in the St. Patrick Catholic Church parking lot for this Eagle Project. The Scout team removed weeds and old mulch. The Scouts also placed filter fabric and crushed granite rock in the wells, pruned the existing trees, checked the irrigation and finally painted the … Read More

Eagle Project Improves High School Wrestling Room

For this Eagle Project, Jack Young, a member of Troop 719 led construction of 6 wooden benches for the new wrestling room at Lake Highlands High School (LHHS(. During his junior year, the new wrestling room was opened. His coach was not happy one day after he could barely open the doors because of all … Read More

Sam Eagle Project After

Eagle Project Transforms Parish Center

A member of Troop 719, Sam Jung, obtained the rank of Eagle Scout. For his project, Sam improved the landscaping around the St Patrick Parish Center. The Center is a frequently used facility and the landscaping around the Center had become overgrown and unappealing. Sam removed the overgrown shrubs and grass and replaced it with … Read More

Eagle Project Makes School Playground Better

Scott Marshall, a former member of Troop 719, obtained the rank of Eagle Scout. For his Eagle Project, Scott improved the playground at St Bernard of Clairvaux, a local Catholic school. Scott was long-time member of the Troop and aged out when he turned 18. Scott recently started his career in the US Air Force. … Read More

Explaining the Role of Bugler

Another position of leadership is the Bugler. The Bugler The plays the bugle (or similar instrument) to mark key moments during the troop meeting, such as assembly, or on troop outings, such as reveille, mess call, and lights out. The bugler must know the required bugle calls and ideally should have earned the Bugling merit … Read More

Explaining the Role of the Junior Assistant Scoutmaster

The Junior Assistant Scoutmaster is another position of leadership. The Junior Assistant Scoutmaster is at least 16 years of age who has shown outstanding leadership skills may be appointed by the Scoutmaster to serve as a junior assistant Scoutmaster (JASM). The junior assistant Scoutmaster functions just like an assistant Scoutmaster (except for leadership responsibilities reserved … Read More

Explaining the Role of the Order of the Arrow Representative

Order of the Arrow (OA) Representative is another leadership position in the Troop. The OA Representative enhancing the image of the Order as a service arm to the troop, they promote the OA, encourage Scouts to take part in all sorts of camping opportunities, and helps pave the way for older Scouts to become involved … Read More

Explaining the Role of the Outdoor Ethics Guide

Outdoor Ethics Guide is another position of leadership within a Troop. The Outdoor Ethics Guide works to help Scouts improve their outdoor ethics decision-making skills to help minimize impacts as they hike, camp, and participate in other outdoor activities. In particular, they should support Scouts who are working to complete the relevant requirements for the Tenderfoot, Second Class, and … Read More

Explaining the Role of the Webmaster

Webmaster is another position of leadership for Scouts in a Troop. The Webmaster make sure that information posted on the website is correct and up to date and that the privacy of youth and adult troop members is protected. The main responsibility of the Webmaster is: “Troop webmasters are responsible for maintaining the troop’s website. “ … Read More