Troop 719 Year in review

Troop 719 Scouts were busy with a variety of activities in 2023. The year started with the annual Planning Campout, held at Camp Burnett in Southlake. Here, Scouts finalized plans for the following year and elected a new Senior Patrol Leader. Scouts elected Ben to be SPL to start the year. Campouts for the year … Read More

3 Free Templates Automate Troop Processes

How to Automate troop processes: 3 Free Templates

When it comes to using technology in Scout Troops, it can be intimidating. Using technology in our Troops can be easier if we remember that we use technology not simply for the sake of technology itself, but because it can help automate tasks and free us to do better things. We can use technology to … Read More

How to Set Up Online Payment in Your Troop

Are you considering setting up an online payment option for your Scout Troop? Recently, I did this for our Troop. If you are considering doing this, here are some items to consider. Background Troop 719, of which I am currently Scoutmaster, is located in northeast Dallas, Texas. We are a boys-only Troop on the larger … Read More

How to Run an Event to Recruit New Youth Into Your Troop

Getting new youth to join Scouting is an effort all Troops need to consider. The healthiest Troops have a continuous flow of new youth. Recently, Troop 719 in Dallas held a recruiting event. Here are some items to think about if your Troop is planning such an activity. Background Troop 719, of which I am … Read More

Eagle Scout Andrew Dybala

Eagle Project Improves Backyard for Retired Priest

There was a retired priest from St. Patrick Catholic Church in Dallas, Texas, who loved to spend time on his backyard porch. Each morning, he would enjoy the birds who would visit his bird feeder. What he didn’t enjoy was the dilapidated shed where he stored his bird seed and other backyard items. The shed … Read More

Anthony Lucido Eagle Project

Eagle Project Improves St Patrick Church Parking Lot

Anthony Lucido, a member of Troop 719, refurbished 13 tree wells in the St. Patrick Catholic Church parking lot for this Eagle Project. The Scout team removed weeds and old mulch. The Scouts also placed filter fabric and crushed granite rock in the wells, pruned the existing trees, checked the irrigation and finally painted the … Read More

Eagle Project Improves High School Wrestling Room

For this Eagle Project, Jack Young, a member of Troop 719 led construction of 6 wooden benches for the new wrestling room at Lake Highlands High School (LHHS(. During his junior year, the new wrestling room was opened. His coach was not happy one day after he could barely open the doors because of all … Read More

Sam Eagle Project After

Eagle Project Transforms Parish Center

A member of Troop 719, Sam Jung, obtained the rank of Eagle Scout. For his project, Sam improved the landscaping around the St Patrick Parish Center. The Center is a frequently used facility and the landscaping around the Center had become overgrown and unappealing. Sam removed the overgrown shrubs and grass and replaced it with … Read More

Eagle Project Makes School Playground Better

Scott Marshall, a former member of Troop 719, obtained the rank of Eagle Scout. For his Eagle Project, Scott improved the playground at St Bernard of Clairvaux, a local Catholic school. Scott was long-time member of the Troop and aged out when he turned 18. Scott recently started his career in the US Air Force. … Read More

Explaining the Role of Bugler

Another position of leadership is the Bugler. The Bugler The plays the bugle (or similar instrument) to mark key moments during the troop meeting, such as assembly, or on troop outings, such as reveille, mess call, and lights out. The bugler must know the required bugle calls and ideally should have earned the Bugling merit … Read More