3 Free Templates Automate Troop Processes

How to Automate troop processes: 3 Free Templates

When it comes to using technology in Scout Troops, it can be intimidating. Using technology in our Troops can be easier if we remember that we use technology not simply for the sake of technology itself, but because it can help automate tasks and free us to do better things. We can use technology to … Read More

How to Set Up Online Payment in Your Troop

Are you considering setting up an online payment option for your Scout Troop? Recently, I did this for our Troop. If you are considering doing this, here are some items to consider. Background Troop 719, of which I am currently Scoutmaster, is located in northeast Dallas, Texas. We are a boys-only Troop on the larger … Read More

How to Run an Event to Recruit New Youth Into Your Troop

Getting new youth to join Scouting is an effort all Troops need to consider. The healthiest Troops have a continuous flow of new youth. Recently, Troop 719 in Dallas held a recruiting event. Here are some items to think about if your Troop is planning such an activity. Background Troop 719, of which I am … Read More